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BIG GAY Ice Cream!!!

My heart skipped a little beat when I saw that this book had finally been released....well, to tell the truth, I didn't know these guys were writing a book so I was esctatic when I came across this book.  Now I can get my Salty Pimp on!!!

I have wandered across the Big Gay Ice Cream truck twice in the City (NYC).  I love everything about this food truck.....the bright colorful truck, the bright colorful guys inside, and the silky smooth ice cream with exciting flavour combinations.  My absolute favorite is the Salty Pimp.  The Salty Pimp has vanilla ice cream, dulche de leche (which I would sell my brother for), and a chocolately/cinnamon-ey taste.  

Now(!!) with the Big Gay Ice Cream book, I can make the Salty Pimp anytime I want! So there!  Page 93 for all of you out there.  Buy the book.  Make the Salty Pimp.  If you make nothing else from the book, then then book has paid for itself.  But I don't want to stop there; the Ray-Ray Sundae looks divine (because I love figs) with a homemade fig sauce, pine nuts, and EVOO.  As you guessed, the sundae is named after Rachel Ray.  Fitting.  My only moment of disappointment when perusing the book late last night in bed with my yellow flags (yes, I am an accountant and yes, I use flags to mark pages for easy access) was coming across the Mermaid Sundae.  It sounds divine and I'd love to try it but there is no recipe for key lime curd.  I know that I can find a recipe easily for this or just substitute key lime juice and zest for lemons in my lemon curd recipe but guys, GUYS, why would you give the recipe for whipped cream and not the key lime curd???

The book is a fun read as it is written in the form of a yearbook (annual for those from Lexington, NC).  Bright colors, glossy pages, pictures that will make you want to dive into the back of your cabinet and pull out the ice cream maker, and oh-so-fun recipes!  The Big Gay Ice Cream book is for everyone to get their Salty Pimp on. Even for those ultra-conservative types.  I'm looking at you, X and Y.  


XX Dinners

Let me start out by saying that the photographs are amazing and inspiring and make me want to inch my way out of my comfy tufted-back arm chair to round up a couple of duck breasts for dinner.  And, I love the feel of this book….the “book-feel”.  The pages are somewhat hefty and have an ever-so-slight rough feel against your fingers.  Not glossy….at all.  It makes me think of how books must have been printed ages ago.  I love it – I love the design of this book.  Duck breasts aside, the physical nature of the book makes me want to curl up even more in that tufted-back arm chair so that I can bask in the enjoyment of reading this beautiful book.  This is the kind of cookbook that I can sink into and daydream of the endless possibilities; of having an entire day to cook at my pace and having no worries of getting food to the table; of spending the day cooking and sampling with friends and family.

The book is separated by the seasons and offers dinner menus for each season.  The recipes for fall and winter warmed my soul on this April night and made me wish for autumn leaves and picnics under a cloudless blue sky.  The spring and summer recipes made me jump for joy (figuratively) because I knew that these recipes would be right at home now in my kitchen.

I can never have too many recipes for the perfect roast chicken, should I decide to whip up a roast chicken.  I usually gravitate to Ina’s recipes in these instances but XX’s roast chicken recipe reads as if it would be super simple to prepare and super delicious to sample.  While there are some recipes here that I will shy away from simply because I detest the mouth-feel of mushrooms, I am looking forward to the maple panna cotta….I mean REALLY.  YUM.  The recipes are NOT complicated and, as such, pushes the reader to buy the best products available so that the food, in its simplicity, can shine.  These recipes speak for themselves…..good food is not complicated and is actually fun to prepare.  Oh, and there is this amazing recipe for charred applesauce…..


It's a Good Food Day!

It has taken me a while to write this review....not because I didn't enjoy the book but because I did! The no-nonsense approach is refreshing.  I so enjoyed reading why Marco Canora began changing his approach to eating - it made me want to eat healthier....even as I was cramming a Reese's peanut butter egg in my face.  The recipes are delish and can I just say yum (Yum!)....escarole with pear and pecorino....apple walnut spice muffins....roasted asparagus and lemon with chunky pesto....rosemary lemon minute steak...oatmeal and dark chocolate cookies.  The list could go on and on and on...well, you get my message. ( I haven't even mentioned the photos; the photography is great - the pictures bounce off the page at you and makes you want to get up, dig through your pantry, and cook these healthfully, tasty dishes.)

His advice!  Yes, please.  Pantry staples, 10 principles of eating well each day, why certain fats are good for you(!) - these, again, are approachable.  Not crazy...yes, there are several quinoa recipes and quinoa is good people!  Try it - you'll like it.

This book is superb people!  Buy eat.  Eat from it.  And you too, will have A Good Food Day...cheesy I know, but I couldn't resist!


Tonight is the big game!

I wonder what everyone will be eating tonight at their Super Bowl parties?  MB and I have decided to stay in, have a low-key night, and maybe watch the game.  Maybe.  We are leaning towards maybe because we have decided to be bad tonight.  Papa John's pizza (pepperoni and onion) and homemade rice krispy treats for our treats.  I haven't had Papa John's in probably four years....here's hoping to it being as delicious as it used to be for me!

The hardest thing I will drink tonight is a Pellegino.  Perhaps with a lime slice.


The vast New American Herbal

I was so excited when this book finally arrived!  I love growing herbs, cooking with herbs, and standing in the middle of my garden space and pinching off bits of herbs and eating them right there in the garden whilst swatting mosquitoes and wiping the sweat from my face.  

This book is almost 400 pages of knowledge:  herbs from agrimony to yarrow; from learning each herbs' properties, to harvesting, drying, and cooking the herbs.  There are also sections of the book dedicated to herbal garden and kitchen projects.  Each herbal description includes knowledge of the origin of the herb, what zone is best for growing the herb, where the herb is best used, how to grow, and the safety of the herb.  The safety of the herb, I believe, is some of the best information in this book as I now know if I can feed an herb to niece and nephew, my pregnant friends, or if nothing else, what dose is safe is eat.  There are also many beautiful pictures throughout this book, which is especially helpful when I am reading about a herb that I have never seen before (many of which I am going to begin searching for!).  There are recipes using various herbs scattered throughout the book.  I do wish the author had provided more recipes as most of us that grow herbs are growing them for cooking purposes.  But I can forgive what I find the slight fault in the book due to the wealth of knowledge that I now have at my fingertips.  Because I now have a listing of Native American and Chinese medicinal herbs and what they are used for!  Want to live a longer life - use Astragalus and Jio-gu-lan!!!