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Around the Fire 

This new nugget of a cookbook is from the genius minds of Greg and Gabrielle Denton.  This book has been sitting on my coffee table for several weeks now...with travel for work (NYC and DC), I have only had the odd-chance to read.  When I find myself with a few minutes, I grab this book.  What a book feel!  I know that I have talked about my love of the feel of books before but, really, there is nothing like the feel of brushing my hands across the pages of a book printed on thick-stock paper - love it!!!


The content of the book is rich with distinct recipes.  This is not your every-day grilling cookbook.  Here is just a sample of the recipes that I am looking forward to making (once the monsoon has past my house...yes, I'm exaggerating a bit but it is raining really hard):  grilled artichokes with espelette mayo, dungeness crab bruschetta (yum), grilled beef skirt steak with onion marinade, ash-seared lamb loin with celery, cilantro, orange, and cumin-chile oil (OMG), and grilled butterflied whole chicken with gilled figs, manouri cheese, and lentil chimichurri (y'all know how much I LOVE chimichurri!!!). There are too many grilled veggie options to list - just know that the book has soooo many yellow accounting flags marking recipes that I'm looking forward to (and the desserts look as if they are to-die-for).

Not every recipe has a picture and I can understand that....the book would probably be exorbitantly expensive if each recipe had its own picture....but the pictures that are in the book portray the delicacy that one will experience when one purchases this book and then proceeds to make these recipes.  I am so glad that I have this book.  It is a keeper!! 

Now, I am going to go curl up on my sofa, listen to the rain pound my roof, and use my yellow accounting flags on more pages of this book.


Spritz'n it up

Spritz...this is the neatest little book.  I am in love with it.  I have always enjoyed knowing the background story (I guess this is why my chosen profession is that of an auditor….I’m nosey) and Spritz provides the history of the spritz (or ‘spritzer’ as us Americans call it) cocktail.  My family will tell you…I loooovvvveeee sparkling waters/drinks/anything sparkling (my niece calls it ‘spicy water’ so I don’t have to worry about her stealing my spritz’; plus she’s only six so there’s that) and I love bitter things…think grapefruit, argula.  So spritz’ are right up my alley!

The little jewel of a book has several fantastic recipes for syrups, such as honey syrup, lemon syrup (yum) raspberry syrup (yumyum) and also walks you through the process of creating your very-own spritz bar!  Yay!!

So many great cocktails (oops sorry), spritz’ are located in these pages.  I love a good spritz in the evening while I’m sitting on my front porch hoping the overhead fans whisk away the sultry (read muggy) Southern air.  My book is flagged and now I’m off to my liquor store!  Hope ya’ll enjoy!


Cravings. A must-have cookbook 

My usual way to begin reading a cookbook is with a box of flags beside me.  I flag each interesting recepe so that I can easily find it when I have the time and desire to cook (working full-time and traveling uses up most of this desire).  I have had this cookbook for about two and a half weeks now.  I pick this book up every now and then; most so of late.  I have read the recipes again and again.   And, I have removed all of the yellow flags that were placed on the pages when I initially picked up this book.  Why?  I'll tell you why.  Becuase, every single one of the recipes in this book is one that I want to make. Again and again.  The recipes don't contain crazy ingredients or crazy instructions.  These recipes are straight-forward and they talk to me.  These recipes so crazy good.

And, Chrissy's voice is a refreshing change of pace.  She writes as I imagine that she speaks.  Her voice comes through in this book.  Encouraging us to make her favorite recipes.  Tonight, I am making the marinated steaks on page 206; every ingredient is currently sitting in my pantry or in the crisper drawers of my fridge.  I told you...no crazy ingredients.

This book is a must have.  Flag free.


The Bee-Friendly Garden

Such a thoughtful book!  I have enjoyed reading this book over the past several nights and have gone to bed dreaming of brightly-colored flowers adorning my garden.  Alas, the current plants that I have are not bee friendly.  I’m not overly fond of these plants and they were already in the ground when I moved into my home.  So, the big question is….”do I rip them out?”  They are, after all, hiding my hydrangeas, which are bee friendly.  I just might.  I have thought about it so so many times but this book gives me the reason to rip!  I like the sounds of bees buzzing around – it sounds like summer to me.  I believe  there is nothing better than stretching out on my front porch swing, lazily swinging to and fro, while sipping an iced-tea (sweetened – this is the South) and listening to the sounds of summer.

The Bee-Friendly Garden provided me insight on those that are the optimal flowers to plant…the ones that will make all of the bees happy.  The book also taught me a lot about the many types of bees, their happiness, the need for bees, and the need for us to be friendly to bees.  The book is a great little bit, so insightful and will make you wonderlust for beautiful plush gardens right outside of your door.


Yummy Green Smoothies

This book is a must have for anyone interested in fresh and healthy juices and smoothies.  This book uses a concept that I have wished other books would use but never have.  Every (and I mean every) juice and smoothie shows the reader exactly what the ingredients look like, what they are, and what the finished product should look like.  The book also lets us know a couple of reasons why we should be drinking this juice/smoothie.  I have other juice/smoothie books that I use ever-so-often and sometimes I just make up concoctions.  This book is a great reference guide; it even provides you with an easy seven-day cleanse should you so desire….and it is not a crazy make ten different juices/smoothies for one day and oh, by the way, you have to do this for seven or ten days.  The tasks are simple and the juices/smoothies look delish and easy to prepare.

Why couldn’t this book have come into my life sooner???  I have so many pages flagged with my little auditor flags.  My juicer is on stand-by.  My grocery list has been made.  I’ve even thought about including a beet and/or a green pepper on that list.  Ugh.  To both.  But, this book is reeeeaaaallllly making me want to drink the juices made with those dirt-tasty beets or the what-I-think-is-nasty green peppers.  That should tell anyone that this.book.is.a.winner.